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The tenth anniversary of the establishment and celebration of the completion of the new building
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    November 17, 2006, the Company held its tenth anniversary celebration of the completion of the new building Inauguration and State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, optical thin film test base settled in Yuhang Linping opening ceremony of the new plant. NPC Standing Committee, Mr. Yan Yixun, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese instrument on behalf of Society chairman Mr. Zhuang Songlin, CPC Yuhang District Secretary Mr. Ho Kwan new vice president of Zhejiang University Mr. Bu Van Hau, vice president of Zhejiang University, Mr. Chu Jian, Hangzhou Keting optical technology Co., Ltd., former vice president of Zhejiang University and Mr. Tang Jinfa Vice mayor Mr. Yu Hangqu Zhoujun Fu cut the ribbon for the new plant; Tu Dongdong, deputy head of Mr. Yu Hangqu China optical Society and vice chairman of the national modern optical instrumentation Mr. Liu Xu, director of the laboratory for the optical film in the test base opening.

    VIPs attending the celebration and leadership are: Mr. CMC director of the National University Science Park of Zhejiang University Han Gaorong, chairman of the Japanese company OPTORUN Mr. Koizumi also Mr. Japan Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director DELTA most is healthy, NEC Corporation of Japan Mr. long technician Mr. Takayuki Matsumoto, general manager of Suzhou intelligent Tektronix Uchiyama Changxing, the Japanese Minister of light stretching sales optical Co., Ltd. Mr. Takahashi hing times, Sunny Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Wen Jian, general manager Wang Tianzhou Lida optical Co., Ltd. , chairman of the Singapore and Hong Kong investment company E SICIRP special company Mr. Wu Lide Wu, chairman of the Kerry Group, Mr. Ma Renyong light, Fujian Fu Jing technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Xie Fali general manager, technology investment company Ltd. Mr. Sun Yang Zhicheng photoelectric far in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Mr. Kim, general manager of technology development Co., Ltd. Lu Zukang, Ms. Lv Hongjie north Optoelectronics technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Hangzhou Keting optical technology Co., Ltd. technical Director, Mr. optical film art director Gu Peifu test base.

Attend the celebrations there are three VIP Flowers Walcott, Shanghai Jing Bo, Shenzhen Ophelia, Phoenix Optics, Ningbo Yongxin, Jiangsu High Hope homologous, Shanghai Xiang light, Huaguang Hangzhou, Chengdu Weite Nan light, modern optoelectronics, Prosperity optics, Hangzhou good grams, information Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University, trade unions, Taiwan central University, Zhejiang University, optoelectronic display technology Research Institute and other major domestic and foreign enterprises, leaders and representatives of institutions, government departments at all levels of leadership Yuhang District Yuhang economic and all the students leadership development zone, Zhongshan behalf of the fifth Forum of modern optics and Zhejiang University optical film technology advanced courses.

    On behalf of Mr. Yu Hangqu Tu Dongdong, deputy head of the district government first speech, Yuhang District requested the departments concerned to continue to develop and support the company's hope that the company can stand on the platform and a new starting point, and strive to build a leading domestic and international optical film industry base .

DELTA guest representative of Japan, Ltd. President and Representative Director Mr positive health and most of Japan, Ltd., chairman OPTORUN company has addressed Mr. Tatsuya Koizumi, the company that decades of development highly praised, and the company of Curtin Corporation DELTA highly appreciated and mutually beneficial cooperation of OPTORUN.

    Finally, General Manager Mr. Ayman Ling made a speech on behalf of the company, warmest welcome and most sincere thanks to the arrival of all the leaders and guests. Curtin company after years of efforts and development, from the rental of a hundred square meters of factory developed to an area of 18,000 square floor area of 17,000 square own factory, from the initial two dozen domestic coater to staff development now more than 20 Taiwan coating machine at home and abroad, dozens of high-precision detection equipment, more than 170 employees. Companies with this decade realized from experimental research to technology development and then to shift industrial production, the knowledge transformed into benefits. At the same time, Mr. Ayman Ling also made Curtin next decade the goal to fight in the second decade, developed into a high-tech efficiency of considerable size listed companies.

The solemn celebration, warm, cheerful, simple, statement inspiring leaders in the end. The celebration demonstrating overall strength and growth prospects of the company, so that all the guests left a deep impression, and laid a good foundation for the future development of the company. We are convinced that the future of the company is good Curtin, Curtin's future will be more brilliant.

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